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Seeking to cater to the burgeoning talent needs of the industry, ComedK-C2C offers corporate organizations the biggest engineering talent pool in Karnataka, on a single platform. With a member base of 140 engineering colleges in the state, COMED-K will bring together students from across the state, from 27 different engineering branches – from aerospace engineering to information science to mechatronics.

The off-campus pooled placement events will be customized as per the specific human resource needs and requirements of the company. These placement events will be organized exclusively for each of the participating companies in several locations and on days/dates of their choice.

ComedK-C2C will help all potential employers to streamline their processes for hiring from campuses. By utilizing this readily available talent reservoir, companies can not only optimize hiring cycle time and reduce cost per hire, but also plan the hiring strategy based on the student metrics available here. ComedK-C2C promises to make corporate talent acquisition more efficient, effective and intelligent!
  1. Once we receive your acceptance to participate in this initiative in writing, a link would be sent using which you can register on the ComedK-C2C portal.
  2. A confirmation of your registration with your Login ID will be sent to your registered email ID.
  3. In case you do not receive confirmation of your registration by Email within 24 hours, kindly contact us at corporate@comedk-c2c.org
  4. Remember your Login ID and Password
  5. In any future communication with ComedK-C2C, kindly mention your -
    a. Company Name
    b. Login ID
  6. Companies can view/search the list of available candidates using relevant search filters like college, grades etc.
  7. Please visit the website periodically for updates on the availability of students.

List of Participating Companies Upcoming Events

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